Shorthorn HF400 LCD Wall Mount Βάση TV για Οθόνες 32-52 ιντσών

35,99 €
με ΦΠΑ

One-piece full-size LCD TV racks are suitable for all brands of TVs . Size: 32-52 inches ( depending on the mounting hole on the back of the TV ) Material: 1.8 mm thick cold rolled plate VESA standard pitch corresponding to 100×100mm, 200×200mm, 200×400mm, 300×300mm, 400×400mm Bracket distance from the wall: 55~498mm Load capacity: 31.8kg (the actual load bearing is subject to the actual situation, the hanger will also be drooping under the influence of gravity of the TV in the load-bearing range, please know! ) Packing: color box packaging: 6 sets / box of free accessories: 1. Gifts for LCD TV racks: 4 / set of gasket material: ABS plastic gasket function description: can increase the distance of the bracket from the wall, increase heat dissipation Effect and convenient plug-in 2. A set of screws and plastic expansion plugs (giving screws are commonly used, and it is not guaranteed to be completely matched with all machines) 3. Gift level: small things big role, auxiliary installation, is your installation assistant. Product Weight about 4.5kg

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